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How to Lose Weight Giveaway

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Check out this cool contest at: http://learnhowtoloseweight.net/mini-contest

The winner for this contest is chosen randomly. There are various ways to earn more point.

The Prizes are :
  • First prize: $50 by PayPal
  • Second prize: $35 by PayPal
  • Third prize: $15 by PayPal
While you are there check out some of their popular posts.

How to Lose Weight

- Weight Loss Tips

- How to Lose Weight Fast

- How to Lose Weight Quickly

- Ways to Lose Weight

So, what are you waiting for. Hurry and join!

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$1500 Thanksgiving Giveaway by Jaypee Online

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$1500 Thanksgiving Giveaway by Jaypee Online

Jaypee Online is having a thankgiving contest in which you can win prizes of about $1500 ! The contest URL is here!

Here are the prizes at offer:

1st Prize
Pro Plus All-Theme Package from StudioPress ($199.95)
Single Theme License from Pro Theme Design ($79)
Single Theme License from Press75 ($75)
Single Theme License from WP Zoom ($49)
1 Year Theme Club Membership from Elegant Themes ($19.95)
1 Year Hosting w/ Free Domain from DreamHost courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente
$50 Cash via PayPal from Jehzeel Laurente

2nd Prize
Single Theme License from Pro Theme Design ($79)
Single Theme License from Press75 ($75)
Single Theme Package from StudioPress ($59.95)
Single Theme License from WP Zoom ($49)
1 Year Freedom Plan Hosting from WP Web Host ($80)
$25 Cash via PayPal from JaypeeOnline

3rd Prize
Single Theme License from Pro Theme Design ($79)
Single Theme Package from StudioPress ($59.95)
Single Theme License from WP Zoom ($49)
Single Theme Licenses from WP Now ($29)
1 Year Freedom Plan Hosting from WP Web Host ($80)
$10 Cash via PayPal from JaypeeOnline

Consolation Prizes
Single Theme Package from StudioPress ($59.95)
Single Theme Licenses from WP Now ($29)

Deadline for this contest is Novermber 31st. So don't forget to enter.

How to Enter: There are many ways to enter this contest. These are required rules for you to be able to enter:

  • Subscribe to Jaypee Online
  • You have to blog about this contest. Even if you don't have a blog don't worry. Just sign up for blogger and start blogging like me.
  • You have comment saying you did all the things.

The sponsors for this contest are :

1. StudioPress
2. Pro Theme Design
3. Press75
4. WP Zoom
5. WP Now
6. Elegant Themes
7. WP WebHost
8. Jehzeel Laurente
9. Batang Yagit

There are various other ways to get more bonus point so check those out over at Jaypee Online .

And while you are there why not check out some other cool posts they have !

So what are you waiting for. Go and ENTER!


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The WeblogZone Blog Contest

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" How would you like to have your own self-hosted Wordpress blog using Thesis Wordpress Theme, your own custom logo, a $100 to register your own domain name and a Problogger Book to help you get started?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting when you join and win my 2nd Blog Contest so make sure you take some time to participate. Let me just reiterate the prizes at stake. :) "

There are 3 ways to join this contest:

  • Tell your readers about this blog contest through a post. Link to this post http://theweblogzone.com/theweblogzone-blog-contest.html and to my blog http://theweblogzone.com/. You can earn more by posting about this contest in your other blogs.
  • Subscribe to my blog feed. Enter your email in the form below and click on Subscribe. Make sure you confirm your subscription through the email sent to you to make your entry count.
Go over to The Web Blog Zone http://www.theweblogzone.com/theweblogzone-blog-contest.html to learn more about this contest. While you are there, check out for http://www.theweblogzone.com/ for Blogging and SEO tricks.

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Top 5 Web Static System

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Every webmaster wants to know how many hits his website is getting, whether it be daily, monthly or just sporadically; but with so many stat tools availble, which one is the best to use? In this article, we’ll review some of the top systems available.

1. Google Analytics

In my opinion, Google Analytics is the best free stat tool out there. Google Analytics is a very comprehensive stat tool which can tell alot about the traffic of your website. It provides in depth information, and can be valuable to the success of your website.

Main Features of Google Analytics:

  • Detailed graphs of your statistics
  • Geographical information on where your visitors originate from
  • Detailed statisitcs in general e.g. Site Usage, Bounce Rates.
  • Overviews on traffic e.g. Content overview and Traffic overview
  • Goals, which is a feature that measures how well your site fulfills business objectives.


  • Detailed statistical information
  • Accurate statistics, along with high quality graphs
  • The ability to review any date period to check out stats recorded on that date


  • For someone who’s relatively new to being a webmaster, Google Analytics’ sheer amount of information it gives may be slightly overwhelming to a new user.

2. WordPress Stats (Plugin)

If you’re a blogger, there’s a good change that you use WordPress! If you are running WordPress, you might want to consider using WordPress Stats.

Main Features of WordPress Stats:

  • Integrates right into your WordPress installation
  • Provides information on referrals, clicks, key search terms and more
  • Integrates into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, so you can always keep track of your stats
  • Any information recorded is instant as it happens. So if someone clicked on a page on your website, WordPress Stats would update almost instantly.


  • Minimal Setup required (Because it’s a plugin, all script lines that need to be added for it to work are inputted automatically)
  • Specifically designed for WordPress websites, so it’s a stats system you can trust if your using WordPress
  • Produces a graph which updates as hits are recorded. This is displayed on both the blog stats page and WordPress admin dashboard.


  • It’s only for WordPress
  • Not as in depth as others, but does its job well.

3. Woopra

Woopra is a bit like Google Analytics, because they both provide similar statistic information to their users. It is slightly unique as it is split into two services: a desktop client program and a web server application. You are also able to track single users and where they go on your website in seconds. Features like this are valuable to your website success and show how good your content is.

Main Features of Woopra:

  • Live Stat Monitoring
  • Provides two different services: desktop client program and a web server application
  • Provides in-depth analytical information as well as general stats.
  • Innovative stats system
  • The new Woopra Analytics


  • You are able to see your stats on your desktop thanks to the Desktop Application
  • Stats are live and update instantly.
  • The Woopra API
  • Because of the API, there are a handful of plugins to integrate Woopra with blogs and other website services.


  • Woopra is currently BETA (So there are bugs that are yet to be found or are being fixed)
  • Requires a bit of time to fully setup.
  • When Woopra is out of Beta, free and paid plans will be in place, so this may hint that some systems are going to be limited to free users.

4. Alexa Web Information

Alexa, is a bit of a different stat system, it’s what you could call a public stat system. Why public? Because every website in its crawl list is viewable by anyone, which means anyone can look at another websites statistics. Not only are they public but they also have there own traffic rank system to list websites in there crawl list. In some peoples views someone would consider Alexa as not worth mentioning, but I believe it provides some useful information.

Main Features of Alexa:

  • Public Stat monitoring system
  • Provides information like, demographics, keywords, related links, and click stream information
  • Uses own Alexa Traffic rank system to list websites according to those most popular


  • Once a website is crawled, Alexa will update the information automatically.
  • Don’t need to sign up for an account to view any websites statistics
  • Data is updated quite regularly


  • It’s not the most accurate system to use
  • Isn’t as in depth as others stat systems
  • Alexa is not a live stat service. Usually stats are updated daily or every two or so days.
  • Because Alexa has its own traffic rank system it may not represent a websites true position in the web.

5. Compete

Compete provides analytical information but also allows anyone to view websites that it has collected information on, similarly to Alexa. Compete has a diverse sample of websites and works with samples of internet users and analyzes the web pages they visit.

Main Features of Compete:

  • Combination of Analytics and general stats
  • Like Alexa it is also a public stat system (Anyone can view website stats which have been collected)
  • Branches out into different self service tools.
  • Compete is based on samples of people’s internet activity


  • Valuable to a business/corporate website
  • Different ranges of analytical information
  • A variety of Self Service tools


  • It is generally not for the average user. More for the business/marketing sector
  • Compete isn’t free. Only basic information is available for free users. Again this is due to Compete being aimed at businesses and not general websites.

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Best of Web - July

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July has been an interesting month for web developers. Aside from some excellent tutorials, interesting announcements from major web companies have come to light. New homepage designs, new APIs and other announcements have been put forth by Google, Twitter, and other big web players.

The times, they are a changin'!

Best of the Web- Julyg 5th in Web Roundups by Glen Stansberry

  • July has been an interesting month for web developers. Aside from some excellent tutorials, interesting announcements from major web companies have come to light. New homepage designs, new APIs and other announcements have been put forth by Google, Twitter, and other big web players.

    The times, they are a changin'!

    Author: Admin

    I love web designing and I really like to work on the web. I started web designing as a hobby.
    • Discussing PHP frameworks

      Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which?

      It seems like every other day I decide that I'm going to start using a different PHP framework for various projects. Nuope has a fantastic article on what PHP frameworks are, and which might be best for you.

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  • jQuery Tuturoials and Plugins to Impress your Friends

    20 jQuery Tutorials and Plugins to Impress Your Friends

    I know, I know. Only a true geek (with really geeky companions) would want to impress their friends with jQuery tutorials and plugins. That said, the article has some intriguing techniques that you might not find in other roundups, like the jQuery Sliding Puzzle Plugin.

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  • How to Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP

    How to Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP

    Six Revisions has a really useful tutorial for developers wanting to debug PHP. Using a cocktail of Firefox, Firebug and FirePHP, you'll learn how to correctly debug faulty PHP code from within the browser.

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  • 20+ Ready to Use Auto Completion Scripts

    20+ Ready to Use Auto Completion Scripts

    Auto-completion is becoming more and more popular. Sites like Google and Facebook have both pushed the technology into the forefront of web development practices, so much that it's almost weird to not see auto completion on search boxes. The Dzine Blog has over 20 useful ways to add auto completion into your app.

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  • 15 Creative Wordpress Footers

    15 Creative Wordpress Footers

    The footer of a blog is often an overlooked feature when it comes to laying out a site. Designussion has 15 exception Wordpress footers to draw inspiration from. Oh, and did you notice which site was the first example? ;)

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  • What Web 2.0 can learn from Online 1.0

    What Web 2.0 can learn from Online 1.0

    History can always teach us a thing or two when we're developing web applications. If you've got the time, take a peek at this comprehensive 8-part article showcasing some of yesteryear's best web applications, and what they can teach us about building great modern web apps.

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  • WordPress Resources - 48 Resources, Tips, Tricks & Themes

    A comprehensive resource for any Wordpress developer.

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  • 16 Impressive Flash-Like Javascript Animation Inspirations, Tutorials and Plugins

    16 Impressive Flash-Like Javascript Animation Inspirations, Tutorials and Plugins

    It wasn't long ago that animation in web development was traditionally left to Flash developers. But Javascript has become a lot more versatile and simple, thanks to frameworks like jQuery. Kevin at Queness has unearthed 16 examples of Javascript animation techniques and uses that you'll probably find interesting. (I just think it's amazing that all of this is being done with Javascript now!)

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  • Coding a Clean & Illustrative Web Design from Scratch

    Coding a Clean & Illustrative Web Design from Scratch

    Illustrative designs have been quite the rage, and they can certainly be more of a challenge to break apart on the programming level. Six Revisions has a comprehensive tutorial on how to blend illustrations with proper markup.

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  • Misunderstanding Markup: XHTML 2/HTML 5 Comic Strip

    Misunderstanding Markup: XHTML 2/HTML 5 Comic Strip

    Confusion abounds concerning the announcement of W3C to stop working on XHTML 2, and SmashingMagazine's Brad Colbow has a fun and informative comic that tries to dispel some of the confusion.

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  • Creating an Ajax Web App Using the Bitly API

    Creating an Ajax Web App Using the Bitly API

    Envato's own Themeforest has a nifty tutorial on how to make an URL shortener using the Bitly API. The tutorial also shows how to add "URL lengthening", or showing the original url before it was shortened.

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  • 15 PHP Regular Expressions for Web Developers

    15 PHP Regular Expressions for Web Developers

    Jean at Cats Who Code (what a cool name!) has some common PHP regular expressions that web developers find themselves using often. Finding page titles and validating domain names are some that I find myself needing more often than not.

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  • Narwhal


    Narwhal is a cross-platform, general purpose Javascript platform that recently hit 0.1 beta. It's essentially a platform for quickly building Javascript applications outside the web browser. Interesting!

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  • Tutorials and Resources for Adobe Fireworks

    Tutorials and Resources for Adobe Fireworks

    Smashing Magazine has an excellent roundup of resources for developing with Adobe Fireworks. A comprehensive resource with something for everybody, beginner to expert.

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  • 12 Tools to Check Your Site's Accessibility

    12 Tools to Check Your Site's Accessibility

    Accessibility: often overlooked by the developer, but seldom missed by the user. SitePoint shows us some great tools to make sure all of your visitors are happy at your site.

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  • Creative Resume

    Creative Resume

    Thinking about how to create a memorable resume that might put your name above all the other applicants? Check out Michael Anderson's creative infographic resume. Very creative!

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  • Codeburner


    Codeburner, a Firefox extension by the good people at SitePoint, is a web developer extension that makes developing sites easier by adding reference data right inside the test environment. PLUS, you'll get a free copy of the ebook Build Your Own Firefox Extension with a download of Codeburner.

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  • Free Typographic XHTML/CSS Layouts

    Free Typographic XHTML/CSS Layouts

    The Smashing Magazine crew has released a set of amazing XHTML/CSS layouts that can be used for free or commercial use in any project. Score!

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  • Twitter's New Homepage Design

    Twitter's New Homepage Design

    A couple days ago Twitter launched their new homepage design that, most importantly, prominently features the real-time search box. Aside from changing the look and feel of the homepage, it's very apparent that the site is now trying to position itself to make more money. TechCrunch has a nice write-up on the changes and the thinking behind them.

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  • Friendfeed's New API

    Friendfeed's New API

    Friendfeed announced earlier this month that they've released a new API for developers. The API now includes real-time APIs, file attachments and OAuth support.

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  • Guy Kawasaki's 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join a Startup

    Guy Kawasaki's 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join a Startup

    Guy Kawasaki is a seasoned startup founder who knows what it takes to join a startup, and the most important questions to ask before making the plunge into startup land.

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  • Case Study: Good and Bad APIs

    Case Study: Good and Bad APIs

    A quick but somewhat heady article on the differences between 2 different APIs.

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  • Introducing Google Chrome OS

    Introducing Google Chrome OS

    Earlier this month Google launched an ambitious project: the Google Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system that will be targeted at netbooks and smaller computers, with a focus on speed and simplicity.

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  • Anchoring Estimates

    Anchoring Estimates

    Ben Northrop has an essential tip to determining project estimates for freelance programmers. Essentially, Ben recommends using an anchor to determine how much to charge for a project. For example, you could use a similar, previous project to base the current project's cost off of. Great tip!

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  • Android Versus iPhone Development: A Comparison

    Android Versus iPhone Development: A Comparison

    Ever wondered which was a better platform to learn between the iPhone and Android? David Green gives an analytical overview of the features of both, and which might be a better fit for you.


    • Report: Ruby Use on the Rise

      Report: Ruby Use on the Rise

      I know this was technically published at the end of June, I couldn't resist adding it. The report shows that Ruby usage is up 40% since last year. Look out PHP!

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Wordpress 2.8 Released

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WordPress 2.8.1 is now available for download. In this version, they fixed many bugs and tightened security for plugin administration pages.

  • Certain themes were calling get_categories() in such a way that it would fail in 2.8. 2.8.1 works around this so these themes won’t have to change.
  • Dashboard memory usage is reduced. Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
  • The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
  • A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
  • Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.
  • Translation of role names fixed.
  • wp_page_menu() defaults to sorting by the user specified menu order rather than the page title.
  • Upload error messages are now correctly reported.
  • Autosave error experienced by some IE users is fixed.
  • Styling glitch in the plugin editor fixed.
  • SSH2 filesystem requirements updated.
  • Switched back to curl as the default transport.
  • Updated the translation library to avoid a problem with mbstring.func_overload.
  • Stricter inline style sanitization.
  • Stricter menu security.
  • Disabled code highlighting due to browser incompatibilities.
  • RTL layout fixes.

You can automatically upgrade from 2.8 to 2.8.1 via the Tools -> Upgrademenu. Just one click on the notification menu “WordPress 2.8.1 is available! Please update now” and you are done.

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6 Ways to Get Site Noticed

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This article aims to attract users who want to attract their website. This post is for anyone with a web site. Some of they may not apply to you and your business. But hopefully, you will find this post inspirational.

Fresh Content

One of the main ways is to update your content as much as possible. Always keep it up tp date.

Listen to what others have to say

If you are already lucky enough to have a community or even just some regular users, listen to them. You can do this by emailing your users directly, setting up comment forms, live chat, or even user feedback systems such as UserVoice, which allow users to vote on site issues and functionality.

Take Part Online

When you read your favorite blog or read an article of interest, leave a comment with your name, email and web site address. Ensure you are an active member of a relevant forum discussion or networking group. Make sure you are seen to be an active member of your site’s online community sector.

Email Signature

Whenever you send out an email, make sure you have your URL attached to the email signature. Simple idea but effective.


On the flip side of winning an award, running a competition can be just as beneficial to your analytics stats. This could be as simple as designing a new logo or coming up with a new name for your latest product. Either way this will attract more users to your site and show you are giving back to your users as well as taking.

Search Engine Optimisation

Effective SEO, common sense and web standards go hand-in-hand. The idea is to create a semantic, valid code, that essentially uses the right tool for the job. This means using the right HTML tags and having a unique title and meta data for each page. Ensure search engine spiders can correctly index your site and good content is a must. Remember the most important way to climb the search engine ranks is through quality links. For full information on this see the Google Webmasters/Site owners guidelines.